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皇冠电子游戏网址:数据揭示中国科研的惊人进步…… 更新: 补充一部分reddit上相关新闻的评论

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内容摘要: from the 2016 US National Science Foundation on globa...
  Data from the 2016 US National Science Foundation on global Science & Engineering Indicators shows the stunning ascendancy of China’s research and development funding and output.
  The report paints a sobering picture for the future of US leadership in science, showing that China is graduating more scientists, rapidly increasing the quality of its research and even more rapidly increasing its research and development funding.
  The report finds that the developing world in general has significantly increased its annual number of graduates with science and engineering degrees, with China leading the pack. Research and development funding in Asia has exploded, particularly in China and South Korea.
  Asia is now by far the world’s top spender on research and development, spending 42% of all global research and development funding in 2013, a staggering $700 billion dollars a year and growing rapidly.
  皇冠电子游戏网址:数据揭示中国科研的惊人进步……_更新:_补充一部分reddit上相关新闻的评论  North America has fallen to second place in research and development funding, spending 29% of the total.  In contrast to China, funding growth in the United States and the EU has slowed to a trickle. The US research and development funding growth has collapsed from average of 5%+ annually from 1998-2003 to less than 2.5% between 2008-2013, while China’s annual growth in funding comes in at a blistering 18% between 2008-2013.
  皇冠电子游戏网址:数据揭示中国科研的惊人进步……_更新:_补充一部分reddit上相关新闻的评论  This rapid funding increase enabled China to reach parity with US in science and engineering article output in 2013.  China is now also matching the US in the size of its value added high technology industry, with both countries coming in at around $500 billion.
  皇冠电子游戏网址:数据揭示中国科研的惊人进步……_更新:_补充一部分reddit上相关新闻的评论China has also made significant gains in the quality of its research output, which has often been maligned for being derivative, copied and uninnovative.
  China’s output of high quality research matched that of Japan in 2012 and its research quality (measured by the ratio of top 1% most cited papers) roughly doubled between 2001 and 2012, from 0.4% to 0.8%. The research quality scores in US and Japan are 1.9% and 0.8%, respectively.
  This year, China dominated the artificial intelligence ImageNet competition, with more than half of the participating teams coming from China. A Beijing-based team won first place with a world record 2.25% error rate, human performance is estimate at around 5%. China’s government also released plans this year to match the US in AI by 2020.  If current trends continue unabated, China will almost certainly surpass the US in high quality research output by the end of the next decade.

更新: 补充一部分reddit上相关新闻的评论

nwidis 71 points 5 days ago* Just in the past couple of years they've finished production on their own commercial aircraft, the c919; launched a satellite to search for dark matter;opened a lithium battery powered suspension railway; completed FAST, the world's largest radio telescope; launched their own spacecraft which docked with their own space lab, in which the astronauts stayed for a month; completed over 20,000 miles of high-speed railway; and teleported data to a satellite. And this is just the short list.Loving China's sciencing right now.edit: Almost forgot! China have (allegedly) tested the EM drive in space. There are no peer-reviewed studies to back up this assertion - but fingers crossed

就这几年里他们试飞了自己的客机C919, 发射了暗物质探测卫星, 开通了锂电悬臂轨交, 建成世界上最大的射电望远镜FAST, 完成飞船和空间实验室的对接, 并且宇航员在那个空间站驻留一个月, 建成超过2万英里的高铁, 试验了量子卫星. 这只是简要的清单.


备注: 差点忘了! 中国还试验了空间电磁推进. 现在支持这项研究的国际同行还不多, 但上帝保佑

   Buck-NastyThe Law of Accelerating Returns 57 points 5 days ago    Americans who love science and technology should honestly be hyping the shit out of China's achievements, hopefully it will get some congressmen to get off their asses and start seriously funding science again.   I really want the US to double its R&D spending.

热爱科技的美国人应该对中国的成就感到兴奋, 希望这能让一些议员动动屁股实打实的增加科研投入. 我看应该加倍.

borntoperform 7 points 5 days ago

Americans who love science and technology should honestly be hyping the shit out of China's achievements
热爱科技的美国人应该对中国的成就感到兴奋, 希望这能让一些议员动动屁股实打实的增加科研投入. 我看应该加倍.

I agree. If there's one thing I know about my amazing country, it's that we love winning. Being second place in technology to China of all countries means we should invest more money in R&D to beat them. China going science on our asses means we need to go science on their asses now. I do not want China to better than us in anything related to technology.

同意. 我知道美国牛b的地方就在于只喜欢赢. 中国在技术方面比我们强就意味着我们必须砸更多的钱打败他们. 科学上他们踢我们屁股我们就得踢回去. 我不想中国在任何技术上比我们强

Buck-NastyThe Law of Accelerating Returns 15 points 5 days ago The annual growth in spending was 5%+ in the 1990s, it's now ~2%, barely keeping up with inflation, while China is growing 18%+ per year.

90年代科研投入年增长5%以上, 现在只有2%左右,还赶不上通涨, 中国是18%以上.

spinmasterx 13 points 5 days ago Many Americans claim China can just copy but if you just look at the numbers of stem students in the US, tou will see how many Chinese students there are. China probably graduates as many stem students as the rest od the world combined. Even if most are trash, they are still useful in a modern economy.

许多美国人认为中国就是山寨, 但是你看看在美国的 STEM(科学/技术/工程/数学) 中国留学生数量. 中国国内相应的毕业生一年差不多是其他国家之和, 就算大多数是垃圾, 他们也一样对经济有用.

K3wp 15 points 5 days ago

Many Americans claim China can just copy but if you just look at the numbers of stem students in the US, tou will see how many Chinese students there are.
许多美国人认为中国就是山寨, 但是你看看在美国的 STEM(科学/技术/工程/数学) 中国留学生数量.

As someone that works at a STEM school with a large Chinese population, I often point out: They have a lot more people than we do. We are a minority.Their best and brightest come here because not only do we have the best programs, there is less academic fraud in American Unis. So our degrees confer more status internationally.

我在一所理工学校工作, 我经常说他们比我们人多得多, 我们就是少数族裔. 他们最好的学生来这里留学既因为科研质量高, 也因为美国大学里学术不端较少, 学位在国际上有含金量.

   nwidis 19 points 5 days ago    Everybody's copying everyone - and honestly they should. Knowledge should be shared. Besides, the west got quite a bit of mileage out of paper and gunpowder :D China is coming out with a ton of original research and development now though- it's really exciting.

大家都在山寨, 老实说也应该这样. 知识应该被分享, 西方不也山寨了造纸和火药么. 而且让人兴奋的是中国现在已经开始贡献大量原创性的研究.

jobby99 30 points 5 days ago China has a strong interest in automation as it's resident s no longer are happy to be assembly line workers for a career choice. If China can improve their education system and keep their best and brightest from studying in America, they have a good shot at surpassing USA in 15 years.

因为中国人越来越不满足于一辈子在流水线上工作, 他们现在对工业自动化很有兴趣. 如果能提升教育体制, 让那些在美国留学的精英发挥作用, 他们很有机会在15年里超越美国.

Buck-NastyThe Law of Accelerating Returns 19 points 5 days ago China is already the world's leader in purchasing robots and they just bought Kuka the top industrial robot maker from the Germans. China's government is pretty much forcing robots on factory owners and giving them huge subsidies to buy them.

中国已经是最大的工业机器人市场, 不久前他们刚卖下了顶尖的工业机器人企业德国库卡. 中国政府现在正通过巨额补贴等手段促使工厂自动化.

well_uh_yeah 19 points 5 days ago I really just want the future to be amazing and I'm not sure I totally care who gets us there.

我只希望未来的世界能更好, 至于谁把我们带向那里不太关心.

Buck-NastyThe Law of Accelerating Returns 30 points 5 days ago A science race would be good for everyone, just need to convince American politicians that it is a race.

一个崇尚科学的民族对谁都有好处, 只是我们需要说服那些政客这是场竞赛.

bobmarles3 14 points 5 days ago This article is somewhat misleading. While China's scientific position is certainly improving, the quality of Chinese research remains questionable.Using the H-index, a measure of the quality of authors that publish scientific articles, China is far behind the US and lags many European countries as well.

文章有些误导, 中国科研确实在进步, 但质量仍然存疑. 以H指数这个科研质量评价指标来看中国仍然远落后于美国和一些欧洲国家.

berationalhereplz 5 points 5 days ago* H-index is really not as good of a measure of scientific quality as is generally believed. The amount of citations you garner is not tied to the quality nor impact of the research but rather how "in" the research is or if it is political in some way. I've read quite a few publications recently from Chinese scientists that were not only good quality but significantly advanced the field and I constantly find myself surprised with the lack of western names in the author list.And idk if you're in academia, but people have been bitching about the lack of funding steadily for the past 10 years since the Bush administration + recession forced science into the background of US priorities. It's not the support of China, but the severe disappointment that Trump, a supposed 'outsider', can't break from the Republicans' agenda that finance, business, and coal are more important government support targets than research.

H指数并不像想象的那么好. 引用数与其说是与质量相关, 不如说是热门与政治正确的体现. 我最近看过些中国的科学论文, 不仅是高质量, 而且领域里领先, 让我惊奇的是上面的著者署名里没多少西方名字.

不知道你是否在学术界, 我们从小布什那时候开始抱怨了十年缺经费, 而且经济危机后科学在美国也不是优先项目. 这里大家不是支持中国, 只是对特朗普极度失望, 他这样一个所谓的外人还是共和党金融,商业和煤炭优先, 科研靠边站的那套.

EngineBoy 15 points 5 days ago Luckily, the US president values education so much he appointed a well-deserving individual with lots of typical school experience, but also had a stalwart school of his own.Let's try catch up in 2020, or 2024.

幸运的是我们的总统非常看重教育, 所以不光派了个这么有经验的家伙当部长, 自己还开学校. (在说反话)

我们还是努力在2020, 或者2024再赶上吧.

GeezleJunior 44 points 5 days ago Not gonna happen. America's problem with education has nothing to do with who is President, or with the quality of America's teachers, or with the level of funding for America's schools. Rather, America has culturally based difficulties respecting academic achievement. This goes beyond most kids not believing that education is important. I am guessing somewhere between 20% and 30% of American students actively foster the idea that education is bad for them; that they have to resist educators' efforts to enlighten them in order to prevent some sort of damage to themselves.This attitude is somewhat attenuated in certain American demographics, but practically all native born American youth possess it to some degree or another. On the other hand, this attitude is largely nonexistent in China.China is going techno like a rocket, but America is going retro all the way back to the Stone Age. You are not going to reverse giant historical trends like this just by voting for a different set of losers next election. You will still have "Idiocracy" because, let's face it: you like it. It is easy to be stupid, particularly when your entire culture makes it a violation of political correctness to point out that anyone is stupid.

别做梦了. 美国教育的问题和谁是总统, 教师质量, 或者学校投入多少没关系. 大多数小孩都不相信受教育有什么用, 我猜有那么20%到30%的美国学生还深信教育有害, 他们必须对抗任何启智的教育, 避免受毒害.

一部分美国学生中这种态度可能或许不那么严重, 但这里的学生多多少少都存在这种想法. 在中国那边这种想法根本不存在.

中国的科研将会放卫星, 美国会回到石器时代. 你不可能靠选几个loser上去就改变历史大趋势, 这就是"白痴进化论", 老实说, 你会喜欢这样. 做傻子容易, 特别是指出任何人是傻子在整个文化被当成是非政治正确时.

Johnfcarlos8 10 points 5 days ago I kinda agree. People like to say that if we had better schools then students would do better, but really it boils down to how much the students wants to learn. We have more information available than ever before in world history, much of it free of charge, but people simply don't want to access it. When Einstein wanted to learn math as a child, he got himself a calculus book and did math problems on his own. Now we've got sources like khan academy that teach more than just calculus, and there are plenty of libraries with books on other subjects, all of it free and easily accessible. Rather than blaming schools we should blame the culture we've created. I'm happy for the scientific progress going on in China and hopefully we can learn from their example.

我同意. 大家喜欢说我们有好学校所以学生就会好, 但归根结底还是看学生想不想学. 现在能获得的资讯多得前人无法想象, 而且大多数都免费, 但人们就是不想去获取. 爱因斯坦小时候想学数学的时候, 他就找本微积分课本自己做题. 现在我们有可汗学院, 图书馆里的书也无所不包, 所有这些都免费也不难获取. 与其责怪学校, 不如怪我们的文化环境. 对中国在科学上的进步我很高兴, 也希望我们可以从中学习到些东西.

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